Monday, 26 June 2017

June Black-tailed Godwits

It was easy to count, just 1 record 1/28th 2011 Sandford (RNM & SPD).

But the first week July has a few more;

2014 - 1/2nd Tern scrape (Linda Martin) Islandica race flew in 09:13 to 10:15 only
2013 - 7/1st LFGP 13:00 only (Bert May)
2008 - 1/7th Ad summer Tern Scrape 17:00 (FJC et al), til 8th evening (M Whitney)

With flocks of 8 in Hertfordshire yesterday & Bucks today (same birds?), I'm fingers crossed for LFGP pulling a few in any day and I hope our little puddle we made in the shingle gets them to land and the SW corner brings them closer

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