Sunday, 11 May 2014

Monthly walk quiet

Apart from 5 Common Sandpiper around the park, 2 LFGP, 2 BSL, 1 Lavell's, a pair of Wigeon on LFGP was nice, the Swallows, House Martin and even 2 Sand Martin feeding around the hide too.

I looked back at April 2014 is 3rd highest April with 105 species.

High count records are:

114 in 2013
111 in 2003
105 in 2014
104 in 2006, 2008 & 2012

Saturday, 10 May 2014

6th ever Grey Plover

Brian had been calling but my phone was on silent and on charge in the office, but luckily I had got up and went into the office as Trev's text arrived and was out of the house in 3 minutes, Tweeting the Grey Plover news as I left.

Brian had it in the scope on my arrival and we watched it until Trev arrived, just Pete H, Andy T and Roger arrived in time to see it before it headed off North 09:04.

The 6 records history is (italics = 'Observer Unknown') ;

1 April 28th 1984, on Sandford 08:00 to 08:50 only (AJ)
1 May 23rd 1992, on Lavell's (BTB & JR)
3 April 27th 1993, on Tern scrape (BTB et al)
1 May 16th 1998, on Lavell's (OU)
2 May 1st 2011 2011, LFGP flying off North 05:46 (FJC)
1 May 10th 2014, LFGP on landfill until 09:04 (BTB et al)

It was at least 250 - 300 yards away on the landfill so not great record shots

Thursday, 8 May 2014

One week to go

I am off on holiday with the family in a week, back to the Philippines, so hope late passage won't turn up something amazing while I'm away. Tuesday I dashed out to Summerleaze GP North of Maidenhead to try for the Red-Footed Falcon, but it had gone by the time I got there, despite both the Hobby still hunting the pit. I'll keep my eyes open this week for such exciting finds.

After seeing the White Stork again, it appears it wasn't seen again in Berks, so feel pretty lucky to have seen it and got photos in flight.

Patch wise, on Monday I found a Nightingale near the yellow metal gate on Lavell's, my first on Lavell's for years, but I think it has moved on.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Another year tick at last

Despite the quietness of my blog I've been about a bit, just nothing to report as the flood levels fall again.

Lots of Garden Warblers, but am very worried for Sedge Warbler this year, what has happened?

Anyway, an earlyish start at BSL produced nothing, but on arrival at LFGP a Common Sandpiper flicked it's way across the water low towards the NE corner and out of view, adding my 115th year tick. Brian texted later to say there were 2.

Black-headed Gulls have taken over the rafts, leaving little or no room for Common Tern, note to self and FOLL, we won't tow out rafts until May next year.

Friday, 2 May 2014

White Stork revisited

With my having to wait 10 years since Brian's 2004 bird, I felt it only right I go back for another look, so did so late morning today, armed with my new iphone digi cradle and got new shots, at 300-350 yards we were further away this time, but am pleased I managed flight shots too.