Sunday, 4 June 2017

Fat lady

I caught up with the Mandarin family near the green bridge this morning around 07:00 and hadn't been in Ron's hide for long when the 9 Lapwing I had just counted all went up, I scanned around for a Kite, or some other raptor, but suddenly noticed a plump woman on a bicycle tottering along the track near the East shore, heading left to right.

Shouting, but I couldn't be heard as she got the SE corner and I decided I'd head off to Lodge Road and see if she came back. After some time it was evident she either went into Chocoholics, or Lea Farm, or got out some other way.

I entered the landfill track which has no public access and walked up to the middle and highest point of the landfill, it was lovely, 3+ Skylark singing, a gentle breeze, totally sunny. Then a distant call met my ears, immediately my brain shouted 'Raven' but scanning to the North I couldn't get on anything. Again it called and into view came 1, followed by 3 more Raven, only one was calling and they appeared to come from West of Charvil, or Sonning Golf Club area, they kept going but not as if in a huge hurry. 1 came back was joined by another and they appeared to go East.

These awesome shots are from the phone, not thru the scope, so are of course not recognisable as Raven, more for me than others if you like.

This is my first June record of Raven and only the third ever, so 4 is a pretty nice record and certainly evidence of nearby breeding, but where exactly??

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