Sunday, 29 June 2014

Oystercatcher juvenile still here

I popped down in the rain yesterday and saw the Oystercatcher chick was growing quickly, even catching both adults on a feeding change over.

Not sure where the tiny Common Tern chick has gone, doesn't look good, but larger one at a size where it can avoid predation and flooding threats now.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Oystercatcher breeding success

On Tuesday I managed 30 mins at Sandford, to see if the Oystercatcher chick found last Friday/Saturday, was still present. It was, but had moved to the island behind, but was keeping low in the vegetation, no doubt a good strategy, with Herring Gulls still patrolling overhead. I hope it makes it to adulthood this time, third time lucky.

Still no sign of Gadwall young, but 2-3 Common Tern chicks present, so at least a few made it beyond the flash floods of May and June.

The Wigeon has gone into eclipse plumage now.

The remainder of June, doesn't usually promise too much excitement as early June's of many a year gone by has produced Black Tern, Garganey & Little Tern.

Now we might be hoping for early passage Green & Common Sandpiper, maybe Ringed Plover as we come into July, more of the same, plus hopefully Dunlin, Whimbrel, Greenshank, Black-tailed Godwit and on the optimistic side Wood Sandpiper and rare still Little Stint!

Early passerines to look for would be Wood Warbler in the tit flocks, Redstart from mid, or more likely late July and the same for Wheatear.

When I can I'll be looking up, hoping for a good raptor.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Sandford breeders?

A look at lunchtime today provided families of Great Crested Grebe + 2 young, Mallards, Moorhen and 5+ Gadwall, with a pair without young. On the island Common Terns still present, Tufted Ducks, plus a secretive looking Oystercatcher and a male Wigeon.

In the car park families of Swallow were alighting the wires

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Back but not with avengence

I took a walk out LFGP the morning after returning home on the 7th. Very quiet, bar the Wigeon and Mandarin with 2 young.

Sunday the 8th I joined the monthly bird walk and again it was quiet, at least 1 Sand Martin went into the wall at LFGP, so we can hope that it is successful.

Despite the lovely warm weather, no raptors other than Kites and Buzzard were up, an Oystercatcher on Sandford might give hope that they will attempt nesting again.

Anyone interested can now catch up with my Philippine Birding blog, as I have just finished updating it.

Whilst I was away Ringed Plover was seen 28th and off patch just about everyone I know saw the Great Reed Warbler at Green Park...but I'm not bitter, honest!