Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Back to the cold

My family and I arrived back yesterday, our Malaysia Airlines A380 glided in gently onto the tarmac at Heathrow 05:35 and just for once, our baggage came through almost before everyone else's

I think it's fair to say a 2 hour delay sitting in the Boeing 737 at Manila, followed by 3 hours 35 minutes flight to Kuala Lumpa, then 12 hours 45 minutes flight back to London in economy takes it's toll.

By 20:00 I was out of it and fell asleep immediately, waking 05:36 it was time to get some patch time and good grief, 12 degrees feels darn cold after 32 degrees pretty much all the time, maybe dropping to 29 at night.

60-70 Swift were heading over Lea Farm when I got to the bottom of the car park field, the brisk Northerly pushed me to move on quickly.

Nothing on BSL, nothing on Tern Scrape, a few warblers calling.

At Lea Farm, 22 Gadwall all in the SW corner, 2 Lapwing, a lone Oystercatcher over South and to be frank that was about it.

I'm happy to see I didn't miss anything heart breaking, the Black and Sandwich Terns would have been great, but the latter was untwitchable anyway.

I'll spend a day or 5 writing up my fun, but limited Philippine birding, for those who might find it interesting.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Waders arrive

After a tailing off of my early mornings, there has been little to talk about, but today it all started up again, well kind of yesterday Wheatear & LRP being at LFGP.

The LRP showed up again and was trumped by 2 Greenshank at Tern scrape, but then they moved to LFGP and stayed there all afternoon.

I missed the Greenshank at first but went back around 15:00 and got them, plus Little-ringed Plover.

Then news that a Snipe had been re'ID'd as Jack Snipe but I couldn't get the til after dinner and got it, well parts of it.