Saturday, 3 November 2012

Very early Goosander

Timing my only visit out today same as last night, I wasn't really expecting anything, but was very excited to find my only ever November Goosander, a juv in with the Pochard at first, then fishing around the old tern island. On reading up it is only the third ever November record, so pretty good by our standards. 2 Goldeneye still present.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Another Merlin

I would be the first to say "are you sure?" if someone said "I have had second Merlin in 3 days at DP" and yet, I had another tonight when I least expected you ever expect Merlin at DP.

Well anyway, there I am having an exciting time counting Pochard on Sandford, reaching an autumn high so far of 37, when I look up and see a raptor about 100 yards in front of me going right, thinking "the wings look pretty narrow and short, almost Hobby like" I raise my bins and blow me down, its a Merlin and it has prey in its talons and beign quickly followed by a Kestrel. I'm thinking it's sunset, where on earth is it going and considering I had never seen Merlin at DP until 2009, why have I now seen 5, 3 of those this year?
Interestingly all but one of these records are between Oct 18th and Nov 5th, so perhaps one might conclude peak passage might be during this window.

Also on Sandford 153 Tufted Duck, 1 female Goldeneye, 4 Shoveler, a Water Rail called. Moving on to Lavell's about 1000-1500 Starlings were putting on a nice pre roost show.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

A bright new month

After dropping my car for a service I walked back along the Loddon, hearing 7 Goldcrest, 1-2 Siskin, but surprisingly little else. I paused to take some autumn shots at Heron's Water.

At Sandford I counted 28 Pochard and think while I am on holiday, everyone should keep a good eye on the Athyas for Scaup and Ferruginous, or our first Ring necked Duck. But check all the ducks really, just in case we get a Green Winged Teal, or American Wigeon.

About to leave I turned and saw the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker drop in for a few moments and manged to get a few shots in the superb sunlight.