Saturday, 17 June 2017

A break in services

After what feels like 10 weeks of constant 05:45 starts, I took a break, some of it driven by work, some because I felt like it. As it happens I've missed being out and generally woke around 06:30 and 04:00 a few times too.

I had forgotten my 07:00 bird walk on the 11th, which amounted to 2 Mistle Thrush which I guess either failed with a nesting attempt or were foo gathering? A Redshank, 2 LRP and a Barn Owl at LFGP.

Yesterday Richard had male Pochard, which occurs most years, but always nice in June.

Today a late start around 08:00, was very pleasant, 2 male Teal, a pair of Shoveler, 3 LRP, a Little Egret. Avery quick check back and I can only see years 2014, 2013 & 2007 where all 3 ducks were seen in June. Perhaps like 2014 & 2010, we might see Wigeon late in the month too?

Tons of Sand Martins feeding young and even adults mating, so it looks like we may have additional, or second broods coming up.

After a nice chat with Brian it was time for me to go, but it wasn't too long after Alan was sending a picture of a 1st summer Mediterranean Gull on Tern scrape, so I headed back quickly and caught a couple of nice'ish shots before it headed off toward Sandford around 11:09.

127 species marks my 8th highest year list, 2 more to match 2009.

Yesterday I had no choice but to go to Pagham to see my good friend AJ's Elegant Tern, it scared me a bit as it waited for over hours to show itself. I don't twitch for competition with others, but if you're curious my UK life list is 421.

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