Sunday, 7 May 2017

Tern trio in one week

It's been a busy time since my birthday on the 1st.

Greenshank each day since, but I was not expecting today's mega when I opened the viewing flap at Ron's. I was hoping for a good wader as it is that time, but it was only when I was panning did a small tern pass through my field of view, "what" I thought catching up with it going the other way "wow it's a bloody Little Tern, first since 2003".

It was highly mobile and only in view for 5 minutes before heading off South, I out the news out and marched off to DP. Bumping into 2 RSPB dawn chorus parties I broke the news, but admit I was a bit casual about it.

Not until I got to the sailing club did I begin a proper search and moments later Steve Day was WhatsApp'ing it was in the South Bay.

Later he got this brilliant shot and Geoff even got shots of it on the bund at Tern scrape.

I'll do a synopsis of the 4 records soon, but for now I think I can safely say that I've never had 3 tern species in 6 days in spring before. I am very happy it didn't show up yesterday or I would have been freaking out while away.

This is my 124th species for 2017, level with 2012 and in essence 3 months ahead of all the years in between.

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