Thursday, 11 May 2017

Cattle Back

En route from picking my wife up, Brian called saying it's been reported back at Lea Farm, so dropping Emi home Ethan and I headed back pronto.

Meeting many local friends, we headed into the hide and enjoyed a relaxed and happy time soaking up the birds rather relaxed demeanor.

This time I took three shots of the Cattle Egret with my bridge camera and they will do!

This morning the wind direction was right, the conditions were pretty good, cool, but promising. 2 Common Sandpiper, 1 Greenshank, 2 Oystercatcher, 3 Lapwing, 2 LRP, 1 Shelduck, 10+ Gadwall, 2 adult Grey Wagtail, was about it at LFGP.

BSL, another Common Sandpiper, the Lesser Whitethroat still noisy in Lavell's car park field.

So a bit of history...

Staying Greenshank is quite uncommon in spring, the only other records which in some cases appeared to involve staying birds are;

1996 Lavell's : May 1/8th, 1/9th, 4/10th, 1/14th, 1/18th
2000 Lea Farm Flash (Now LFGP) : May 9/4th to 6th, 1 or 2/7th
2007 Lavell's : 1/1st, 1/3rd, 1/10th to 15th
2009 LFGP : 1/12th, 1/13th

Little Tern 
1983 9/18th June (FJC & Mike Russell) : heading over North, and driven off over Sandford by Common Tern 07:00
1983 1/18th July (FJC) flying around Sandford 07:20 to 07:30 only
1996 A claim of 1/27th April, no details, or observer
2003 1/15th April BSL (Adam Bassett et al) stayed around all day
2017 1/7th May LFGP 06:34 - 06;41 (FJC), then BSL 06:55 (Ray Reedman) on and off (et al) & Lavell's briefly 12:00 (GSE), not seen after

Spring Black Tern Flocks
1984 : 8/27th April BSL (FJC & Mike Russell) & 8/30th April BSL, 3/17th May (P Andrew, Jo Fuller, Mike Russell & KN)
1990 : 4/5th May BSL (Adam Bassett)
1992 : 4/23rd BSL (Observer Unknown)
2009 : 9/13th May LFGP (BTB) stayed all day and into evening
2017 : 7/1st May LFGP (FJC, Jack & Julie Jones) 06:35 to 06:53, then BSL til 08:00, off high SE.

Spring Wood Sandpiper
1989 : 1/11th May Tern scrape (BTB, BU & John Gunningham)
1991 : 1/27th May Tern scrape (Adam Bassett) with Ruff & Turnstone!!
2017 : 1/4th May Tern scrape (Observer Unknown) awaiting photo

Condition are great from today folks get out there and find stuff

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