Monday, 31 October 2016

2 Jack's

At the car park field in the fog a lone finch went away from me calling, it was somewhat brief, but may have been a Brambling, moments later a flock of Starling went over with a laboured flight and gave me the impression of Waxwing, but I knew I was just wishing.

I had to meet Simon from DP for a chat about a grant application and walking behind the scrape a Chiffchaff called, 12+ Snipe were hiding on Tern scrape.

I headed off to LFGP and after a short time, picked up 1 then the 2nd Jack Snipe, one was much brighter. This sort of continues a recent years run of 2 birds;

2/17th to 19th February 2013
2/3rd & 28th January 2012
2/6th to 9th December 2011

Before that;

2/13th February 1999
2/11th October 1997
2/4th January 1992 - I disregard the claim of 6/27th February
2/28th January 1989
2/10th January 1987
3/11th March 1983

Also on LFGP, the Shelduck, 12+ Snipe, 2 Common Gull, but not much else.

I went down to WSL a little late last night to check for Bittern, there was barely 8 minutes of light left and saw nothing, but heard Starlings in the reed bed, so perhaps that might be some kind of indicator of the presence of a Bittern, or perhaps the absence of one?!

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