Monday, 26 February 2018

Unprecedented turn up

After my 2 Jack Snipe yesterday, some of the other patchers went back last night and despite the work party, not 2, not 3, but 4 Jack Snipe showed.

I have always disregarded the 1992 claim of 6 on the 27th February as there were no details, or mention in the County Bird Report. Does it mean it didn't happen, but as I have said about many 90's reports, when there are no initials, no location, no details, it might just be bad recording, but it cannot go in as authentic report.

So, that means last night's record is a new park record and one might say it has been coming, here is a summary of all records of 2 or more;

1983 : 3/11th March BSL main island edge (MR)
1987 : 2/10th Jan, flew over (PA)
1989 : 2/28th Jan Sandford Tern island (many observers)
1992 : 2/4th Jan Lavell's (Observer Unknown - OU)
1997 : 2/11th Oct Lavell's (OU)
1999 : 2/13th Feb, Lavell's (OU)
2011 : 2/6th Dec (FJC & GSE et al) to 9th Dec, Lavell's (MO)
2012 : 2/3rd Jan ( Les Seward et al) & 28th, Lavell's (MO)
2013 : 2/17th Dec (GSE), to 19th Lavell's
2016 : 2/29th Oct, (ARy, GSE, JMcG et al) LFGP, 2/30th (FJC, JMcG, TAG et al), 2/31st (JMcG)
2017 : 2/1st Jan LFGP,
2018 : 2/24th Feb Lavell's, 4/25th,

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