Saturday, 24 February 2018

A little effort often goes a long way

I'd been getting fed up with trying for Tawny a but late each time I tried, so 17th I was out by 05:45 walking slowly around Sandford, Heron's Water, Middle Marsh, then looping back around BSL clockwise to Sandford and had nothing, but as I got back to near the lay-by a Tawny Owl finally called from near the hide, probably above the hide.

Oystercatcher was calling in the gloom too, at the car park the Barn Owl was on show 06:37.

Our Brent Goose has stayed all week and I aimed to see it Friday, but chose Lavell's end instead 22nd, Barn Owl on show as usual 06:26, 25+ Snipe on the scrape, 13-14 Reed Bunting would suggest a little roost now building here, another Skylark rising, then BSL for a lone female Goldeneye and pair of Oystercatcher, as I went back to my car a quick scan got me a female Hawfinch in the copse at Lavell's.

This morning it was freezing, only -4, but felt much worse, LFGP first this time and by 07:02 the Brent Goose was visible and happy, a sprinkling of Teal and Wigeon, but not much else, I headed for the car park field for more Hawfinch and was rewarded with 9 birds dropping in a loose flock spread along the tops of tallest trees on the East side, none stayed in view long. I was too cold to stay long and later the year's first Med was only 48 hours off the previous 2 years date.

Late afternoon I was back in the stunning afternoon light for a stab, yes another... at Golden Plover, no luck so headed for Bittern hide with Ida, and after much Snipe enjoyment, stumbled across not 1, but 2 Jack Snipe. I'm happy with that.

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