Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Richard WhatsApp'd the Spot Fly still at Sandford and an hour later I called to ask if it was still there and where to look. I was there not long after and got it in flight,but the wind had yet to die down so it wasn't easy.

Moments later he called me saying "I've got one on the big Hawthorn" I'm there I said and left, moments later we had it in my scope, but moments after that it flew over SE and kept going.

"Might as well check the landfill while we're here" I said, raising my bins at a large bird hovering over Lavell's to our left, I said "Osprey" and instantly got it in the scope. As it headed left we moved quickly to the car park field and got back on to it as it came over Bittern hide, over the nearest end of Sandford and Black Swan, where it slowed up had a good peer down and kept going.

So if Richard hadn't found the 2nd Spot Fly I wouldn't have gone there and not seen the Osprey, funny thing birding.

It's my 4th ever and I have seen 3 of them stood in the car park and now this one a mere 250 metres from it. A nice species to mark my 130th for 2017.

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