Tuesday, 26 September 2017


No I'm not quoting Bowie...yesterday it was raining quite hard when I got out, trudging through big puddles and mud along the Loddon path. 3 Green Sandpiper and a lone Snipe were barely visible and it felt the weather should have produced more worthy of excitement.

Today clear but grey and an untimely and infrequent snooze put me 10+ minutes later than normal, by which time Marek had already found a Garganey, still I was only 8 minutes behind him and it was still sat in the SW corner when I got there.

3 Green Sandpiper and the same Snipe again in the SW corner.

Later in the day Richard et al had a Marsh Harrier over North, 2 days off my 24th 2005 bird. This got me checking 2005 and it blew my mind to rediscover the month total - 74! Good grief what were we playing at, look at how things have changed;

104 in 2012 & 2015
102 in 2016
99 in 2017
97 in 2010
96 in 2014
95 in 2008  & 2011
92 in 2013
90 in 2009
83 in 2007
81 in 2006
75 in 2004
74 in 2005

25 species difference for this year, 30 off for the record species count, are we covering the patch so much better now? Probably, I believe knowing what species occur focuses the mind to confirming them and a by product is more get seen. Maybe LFGP has and is continuing to add a variety of species on the whole, but this September has been bereft of waders, so perhaps that isn't totally true either.

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