Thursday, 14 September 2017

Pipits spike

Nothing to get too excited about, but before it was proper light I got onto something jumping around the track beyond and left of the shingle island. After 10 minutes of gradual sunrise, it was obvious it was a Wheatear and I just love Wheatear.

I could see pockets of pipits, 14 at one time rising over the landfill, so did a quick Mandarin head count....3 then left, but not before clocking 3 small birds, 2 were mipits, 1 seemed too stubby and could have been a chat.

At BSL nothing much to say, another 9-10 Mipits over, but 700+ hirundines was quite a nice sight.

Marek and checked the behind the DAC and 1, then a 2nd Spotted Flycatcher sat in the sun for a few moments;

3 Grey Wagtail went over as we walked up the car park field, 40+ more mipits went over. I went back for 30 mins at lunchtime and another 40+ mipits went over.

DP records show Siskin could occur any day now, with NW wind cooling down perhaps it's tomorrow?

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