Monday, 17 July 2017

Odd wader

Out at 06:10 at Ron's barely sat down 5 minutes scanning the East shore and this tiny wader took my attention. I say tiny because it was near LRP and was about the same size.

It was very buff coloured on the head, thru to it's belly, white along the side of the buff belly, not especially long looking wings, black looking legs, rather short black bill, dark feather in scaps, pale fringed. Apart from that it was 300+ metres away and hard to see much else.

I watched it and decided it could be a stint, or a 'peep sp' meaning unknown, so called Trev and we talked about the various peeps, next I called Brian and he got down pretty quick. We watched it for over an hour til I had to go.

Returning 09:40, it hadn't moved much and the belief started to lean towards and extremely small Dunlin juvenile.

The two with other waders show how small it was, the last two shots were taken a lot closer but annoyingly I couldn't see over the nearby vegetation. As it shows there were white 'tram lines' along the edge of the mantle, the bill was very short for Dunlin.

Nearest I could find on plumage was this Dunlin, but on size comparisons?

Also present was the juvenile Yellow Wagtail, 2 Green, 2 Common Sand and 2 LRP.

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