Monday, 10 July 2017


I want to say sorry for not posting over the last 10 days, I hadn't realised just how much time had gone by since my last post, what with running WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook accounts, it does all get a bit much.

If I haven't posted here, it's worth a look at the FOLL Facebook group

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Anyway, after posting 'waiting for waders' it began the next day with a July Ringed Plover, always nice. It went on to stay til 7th, 7 days being the second longest ever stay and we have to go back to Sept 15th 1984 to find a longer staying (juvenile) bird, til 30th in fact.

3-6 LRP's have been seen, 1 to 3 Green Sandpiper, with 4 on the 9th, 4 Common Sandpiper yesterday too, all on Lavell's old Tern island.

As with other July's Little Egrets have begun gathering, 3 at first, then 4 on 8th, 8 later that day and again today.

1-2 Mandarin have showed up again, presumably 1 or both are from the family seen last month, the Sand Martins are doing great, 50+ birds seen from 2nd, possibly second broods in the making.

Out of season ducks have been on offer, 1-3 Teal for a few days, 1-2 Shoveler the same, Steve found 5 Pochard on Sandford on the 6th only. Even the adult Cuckoo seen yesterday was great, rare for adult this late, just 3 folks got to see that.

The main attraction has been the Barn Owls, 4 chicks in the box are about to fledge any moment.

I'm still waiting for a Black-tailed Godwit!!!

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