Tuesday, 11 July 2017


At 06:10 I'd barely been in the hide 5 minutes and was photographing the 2 Mandarin, when something made me look out and up, a fast flapping narrow and medium sized bird was heading directly in from the East, it turned, big white and black wing bars revealing Black-tailed Godwit, it was about 200 ft up and turned toward the NE corner, but wasn't dropping, it turned again and kept going North and away.

5 LRP back, probably the same birds, 1 Common, 1 Green Sandpiper, a Sparrowhawk prowling for a lucky Sand Martin.

Back at Lavell's a Garden Warbler perched in view near the benches, Bullfinch are around in numbers, so must have a had a good breeding season, the Barn Owl arrived and tried to entice of of the bigger chicks out, no luck...another day then.

What will the rain bring??

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