Friday, 14 April 2017

The year so far

My constant analysis of the year and all the records in the archives, brings me to various observations at different times. This year it has been quite surprising how each month has finished in a 'podium sense'. There are two types of podium, the month and the running total/year to date;

January - 86 =3rd place on all January's, equal with 2012 and 2016
February - 87 - 4th place and 1 short of third place from 2008, but somehow we added 7 more species on the running total and finished on =3rd place with 2016, one short of 2005.
March - 92 = 4th place with 2010 & 2013, but adding 11 species we hit 104 for the year to date and took new 2nd place, stealing it from 2011.

In my spreadsheet it looks easier to read than as I have typed it out, but looking at April we are way off on all counts. Currently we are on 87 for the month, pitiful even in respect of 10th place 101 in 2007, but dreadful against 114 in 2013.

With so many winter species leaving early we cannot expect to get far into the 100's if we even reach the 100's, as there is only Garden Warbler, Lesser Whitethroat, Hobby and Little-ringed Plover we can say for certain will occur by May.

At least from a running total view we are ahead of 110 in 2005 and 112 of 2007 & 2009.

Recent years has proven it's not time to panic, 2016 and 2014 respectively produced double figure additions on the running total from August, both finishing on 140 = 3rd highest year lists.

I'll be out for my Nightingale tomorrow and keeping fingers crossed a shower or two will bring a sprinkle of visible passage to the mix.

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