Thursday, 20 April 2017

Garganey again

Tuesday morning Marek and I were looking across BSL from Sandford side and picked up the male Garganey yet again, in flight then on the water near the North end of the big (Goat) island.

I did a loop anti-clockwise of BSL and heard the Nightingale, then had the pair of Mandarin sat on the timbers of a fishing swim along the old golf course strip, around 60 Sand Martin were feeding low over the lake too. The Garganey was sat peacefully in the bay opposite the sailing club by now.

Later Roger found it on Sandford and later still Alan saw a female in the SW corner of LFGP.

Yesterday I was away. today it was fairly quiet, 3 Common Tern BSL, but still 17 Teal at LFGP, 10+ Sand Martin around, a pair of Lapwing still defending the islet in front of Ron's hide, making depressions etc and chasing off a pair of Grey Wagtail whom were collecting nest material themselves.

Later in the afternoon I got the text and call a Wheatear had been found in the car park field, in the front bit near the car park....and there it was.

Prior to getting the Wheatear there was a small matter of seeing the 2 spectacular Black-winged Stilt at Little Marlow

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