Friday, 16 December 2016

Best birds gone missing

I've checked up and down WSL for the Ferruginous, but no sign and there has been no sign of the Scaup since Sunday. Same for Jack Snipe, but it is likely one is still present somewhere.

I've done a couple of dusks, one at Teal, one at Bittern, but nothing to report.

Today, a Coal Tit on the feeders opposite side of Loddon, so 84 for December, but still missing Great Black-backed Gull.

Big flock of 186 Teal yesterday, many flushed off by a juvenile Buzzard on the bund again. 31 Snipe today, 120+ Teal.

Berksbirds is saying a flock of Waxwing in Maidenhead, gives us hope we might get on yet this winter, but I'm not hopeful as we don't have much Mountain Ash, no Sorbus, or Pyracantha, etc.

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