Monday, 23 October 2017

Lots to report

In reverse order...

Today I went to meet the contractor again for the daily update and instructions, to guide the final stages of digging.

And before I even got to him a lovely male Wheatear was jumping around the Tern Meadow piles of soil, my latest by about 2 weeks, but 3 days shy of the latest.

Still small handfuls of Meadow Pipit are pinging about, perhaps the newly arrived sheep will move them on? Redwings are here in numbers, but not big numbers. This morning there were many small groups of finches going over, mostly South, or SW, but as is often the case, so few are seen close and well enough to ID, I'm sure I heard 1 Linnet, various Chaffinch, then a distant larger thrush may have been a Fieldfare, but it didn't seem to drag it's tail enough so was probably a Mistle.

Over the last week a lot has happened, 17th I  had what was almost certainly a Woodlark over, annoyingly just too East to be totally 100% sure, but I'm sure enough to add it to the year list. Same day 4-5 Mipits, 3 Skylark, 3+ Redpoll, 14 Siskin alighted the Willows late afternoon.

Mid morning 19th I was in the car park having a meeting, when a stocky short tailed finch went over West, 99% certain this was a Hawfinch and today John McGowan had a 100% one looking West from the Loddon near the green bridge, perched for 20 seconds, so we certainly are sharing in the UK invasion this winter.

20th Geoff picked up 2 Stonechat, Trevor made that 3 by late afternoon, next day Richard had 2 Mandarin, I had 2 Redpoll, 1 Siskin and a Peregrine over East low, Richard picking up 2 Green Sandpiper later.

Later still I heard rumours of Marsh Tit on the feeders, but as it stands I have no confidence in the report as Coal Tit is being seen daily at Bittern feeders.

22nd Richard found 2 Stonechat again, it's been days since I've been near Lea Farm and I feel out of touch.

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