Thursday, 12 October 2017

LBJ's continue

Time has been unsparing for me recently, the mornings offer the most sparse chance to bird before work and family obligations call, so the last 2-3 mornings I've failed.

I managed 20 minutes whilst waiting for Simon from DPCS in the car park and 150+ Redwing went thru North and NW.

Yesterday Alan called with news of a fairly brief view of a Tit that he expected to be a Coal, but turned out to be either a Marsh, or Willow.

Now, we will never know which it was for sure, but given the utter population crash of Willow, on balance it would seem logical to assume Marsh was most likely. Oddly enough there have been very few Marsh reports since 1987 that warrant serious belief of their authenticity, but perhaps that's just my opinion.

Today I managed an hour around Bittern hide and the car park field, 140+ Wigeon, Water Rail heard, 1 Chiffchaff, one moment a pipit looped in and out, but kept going. The landfill was busy, 35+ Meadow Pipit up when a Kestrel came over, a few groups of LBJ's just one proven to be 4 Linnet, plus 1 back the other way, 4-5 Skylark over and around, 4 Siskin West, Coal Tit by the footbridge and heard near the style 20 minutes later.

By now a typical year in recent times we'd be seeing a slowing of Meadow Pipit passage, so it's either carrying on, or the landfill is just holding on to more birds that bit longer. A few on the wires kept us busy checking...just to be sure.

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