Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Unprecedented luck

I was leaving for Manchester when Brian called to say a Goosander was on BSL, so diverted and stood at the sailing club for a quick scan. It had vanished and we had to leave.

Within 15 minutes they had found it again, but we were nearly at Wycombe, so not returning.

So this morning, after seeing the news it had stayed I was hopeful, but not expecting it. I found the Brent Goose on the West side of the larger of the two BSL islands - we used to call it Goat island, not surprisingly because DPCS used to graze Goats out there and this practice may come back this year,

It swam out and within moments had vanished, no doubt I missed it flying off while putting news out.

I WhatsApp'd the negative news then immediately found the female Goosander in front of me swimming into Coot Harbour - the bay nearest to Sandford hide.

Then on my walk back to the sailing club, a flock of over 20 small birds landed in the Poplar next to the fallen one and I could see with bins they weren't Goldfinch. Through the scope I could see at least 4 were Lesser Redpoll.

Not a bad recovery and 40 minute pre work visit.

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