Saturday, 25 February 2017

Bitterns again

I forgot to mention the Oystercatchers calling towards BSL last night.

My alarm went off at 06:00 and I got up immediately full of commitment to see some good birds, I marched straight to WSL, thinking "it isn't really light enough yet", but both last night's Bitterns were on show in exactly the same respective places.

The bird in the middle was very active, in fact flying out over the lake and back to the same spot, but I lost it while looking at the right hand one.

I walked out to the West bank of BSL and found the Brent Goose in the 'usual spot' just off the island.

Retracing my steps I headed back to Sandford, then on quickly to Lea Farm G.P., passing John Mac.

At LFGP, it wasn't too exciting, but enough happened to make it feel worthwhile, 1-2 Little Egret, 1+4 Meadow Pipit SE, 1 Skylark singing over the NE landfill, then John arrived and we found the Jack Snipe again, just in time for Jules and Jack who arrived minutes later.

2 Oystercatcher flew in to the NE corner from DP, then flew to the shingle island and promptly went to sleep.

3 Wigeon wandered up in front of Ron's hide, offering a nice shot, or at least the chance of one.

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