Saturday, 17 March 2018

March marching on

As per the trend these days, a few things have happened since my seeing Black-necked Grebe, the first being never seeing it again despite it remaining til at least the 13th.

Hawfinch were last seen 11th from what I can find.

4 Oystercatchers 13th, the 14th brought me my first Chiffchaff along the Loddon near the green bridge, Barn Owl each morning I've been out, 111 Wigeon and 27 Teal still LFGP, not counting Lavell's, but it was today that was the most exciting. When I arrived at LFGP 06:30 it was snowing fine granules of snow and a very cold East wind blowing in, I scanned 2-3 times for yesterday's Redshank without success, checked for Garganey, pipits and then began checking for Wheatear.

Right to left, each vent, nothing, nothing, nothing, err what's this on a post on the far landfill, too big for a Wheatear, but grey, not a Stock Dove...'no it's a raptor, blimey it's a male Merlin'.

fumbling for my phone adapter, no joy it was in the car, calls to John, Brian and grabbing a couple of pathetic hand held shots and a WhatsApp message....take your eye off it for 3 seconds and it's gone.

Panning around a pair of Mandarin went by, so another year tick, but no further sign before Jack arrived 2-3 minutes later.

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