Tuesday, 9 January 2018


No not trombones, but my year list of course.

I was heading out suited for work, but not a set appointment when I heard the familiar WhatsApp message tone I'd set for FOLL Bird News. 12:19 Richard's message said 'Goosander from Bittern hide', then I noticed Tim James' text saying male 'Goosander Lavell's', 26 minutes had passed and this underlines why we moved over to WhatsApp, so that anyone can act on the group message and not fall foul of my, or anyone being out of signal, or have simply not seen the message.

I arrived at 12:34 in my suit, but within 90 seconds the Goosander was lifting off the water, circled twice and headed toward BSL. Luckily Steve found it near the picnic area and it was there all afternoon.

If you want news fast then get on to our WhatsApp group, texting works most times but I can't always respond, or even read messages due to being in the car a fair bit.

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