Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Duck double double

Yesterday, I had a very underwhelming start, just very cold and not much happening. 3 Meadow Pipit and a Siskin over was the best bird.

Later Rick Dawson found a male Pintail in the unusual location of BSL near to Sandford, it showed well despite being asleep most of the time.

On my way back I told Brian and Trevor I felt like counting and checking the Pochard, as they showed a significant jump in numbers to 116 and 76 Tufted Duck, I left me thinking we need to keep checking for Athya's.

Out first thing again and the Barn Owl was in residence, a little passage was on, small groups of Fieldfare, totaling 65+ in 40 minutes, 60+ Redwing, I looped the car park field, quickly checked BSL 31 Pochard and as I was at my car 2 bulky finches went over fast East....Hawfinch again and again rubbish, fleeting views.

Later and thankfully after my work appointment, Steve Day WhatsApp'd "2 Drake Ferruginous Duck Sandford". "This I got to see" I said to myself and minutes later I was there, joined by Steve, then Brian before we re-camped at the hide, where excellent views were to be had of two superb condition, but distinctly different looking drakes .

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