Sunday, 27 August 2017

Chat passage

Out later again, 07:20 LFGP and nothing happening, so off to the car park field and a good call that was. On arrival Eddie was already scanning the landfill, in moments we picked up 1 Yellow Wagtail heard, then 4 seen heading SE. Moments after that Richard and Gill arrived as I picked up a chat like bird dropping out of view onto the same hedgerow left of the Oak.

Scanning from the balancing pool viewing spot I quickly picked not one, but 2 Whinchat together. They spent 35-45 minutes moving along the hedgerow nearer and settled on the larger of the two Hawthorn left of the pylon.

Still at quite a range they looked good thru scopes.

1 more Yellow Wagtail over heard only and it was time for me to go, Brian came and left too securing on his dip from yesterday. I passed Marek and knew Trevor was not far behind him and sure enough, within 20 minutes he was messaging saying Spotted Flycatcher in the same hedge, but no Whinchat, then moments after a Redstart in the same spot.

By the time I got there they hadn't been seen for 5-6 minutes and no further sightings over the next hour and half. What changed was 3 Wheatear were pitched up on the far landfill, 2 on the new posts and 1 on a vent.

WhatsApp seemed to let us down again by not broadcasting for over an hour after messages were sent. I'll be looking into this.But for now I am robbed of 2 year ticks that would have secured my 130th species for the 8th year straight. Maybe tomorrow eh?!

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